The Game Lounge is Denver's newest, hippest, and funnest (according to Scrabble, "funnest" is a word!) board game-themed restaurant! Excellent chef-created food. Delicious, creative drinks. Tons of board games as well as outdoor games. Cool music being spun on vinyl. It all happens in an atmosphere that promotes a truly fantastic time for you, your friends and family, and friends you have not yet met!


Whether you want to pop in for something small or you want a great dinner, Chef Johnny is looking forward to serving you excellent food!


To say the least! Scores of games are awaiting you. Play one of your favs or try out a new game sent to us by one of our many board game companies!

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We Need Your Help!

We are so close to opening one of the best restaurants in Denver. But we really need your help to make it perfect. Our Crowdfunding campaign has started. We've got some extremely cool stuff for you for helping us today!


We're almost ready!

We've created a wonderful space... but we need STUFF!

Can't wait to see you here!

More to Come

We are SO ready to get things rockin' and rollin' here at the Game Lounge. We're fully staffed. We're passing inspections left and right. Our remodeling is just about done. And we're about to open our doors to the public very soon! By participating in our Crowdfunding Campaign, you can help make this happen and be part of something truly special. We'll get some really cool stuff... and so will YOU!

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