Game Lounge Crowdfunding - Early Bird Reward!

"The Game Lounge is Denver's newest lounge, featuring board games, vinyl, beer and bites. But we need YOUR help to make it happen!" During our Early Bird period, we've greatly lowered costs through September 21, to give you the incentive to help us now! PLUS... we are happy to announce that we have arranged with The Delores Project to have 10% of our proceeds donated to them. So you'll be helping a great cause while helping a fun cause!

The Game Lounge is so close to happening that we can taste it. But it won't taste like much without your help! And that is why we are running this Crowdfunding Campaign. We need your help to make the Game Lounge one of the most fun and active spots in Denver.

We've worked hard to come up with some really cool things for you to buy which will help us get the really cool things we need to make the Game Lounge great. Instructions: First, check out the awesome items below. Then, click the green button below to go to the page where you will make your selection and contribution. Make your contribution through PayPal, Venmo or Credit Card and, voilá - that's it! You've helped the Game Lounge... and we can't wait to see you here!

GL Stickers & Magnets
stickers and magnets

Beautiful, sturdy, durable, long-lasting thick vinyl Game Lounge stickers and magnets... complete with Colfax & Eudora cross-streets reminder!

Laser-Etched Name in Giant Jenga
giant jenga

Giant Jenga is a blast! And owning your own with your name laser-etched on it is just cool. Or, have someone else's name on it to give as a gift!

Custom Game Lounge T-Shirts
game lounge t-shirts

Cool, custom-designed Game Lounge t-shirts look great and are the perfect way to show everyone that you know where the most fun is!

Game Lounge Game
game lounge game

As mentioned in our Crowdfunding video, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) was the inspiration behind this game... he just doesn't know it! Created by Game Lounge founder Adam Alleman, this game is a blast!

Game Lounge Bowling Shirt
game bowling shirt

The Game Lounge Bowling Shirt is so cool. Look awesome while showing off to everyone that you probably have more fun than them while showing off your style! Comes in grey and black or teal and black.

Game Lounge Mug Club Membership
game lounge mug club

The Mug Club Membership makes your visit to the Game Lounge even more awesome! Includes includes your mug, discounts on retail games, and Happy Hour pricing - all the time!

The Game Lounge Game: Gold Coin
game lounge gold

This is The Game Lounge Game, but stepped up a notch. It's even more fun and comes with golden coins... a cool and useful addition to this fun game created by Game Lounge founder, Adam Alleman!

Game Lounge Longboard
game lounge longboard

What's the best way to get your game-playing, great-food-eating, awesome-drink-drinking self to the Game Lounge? On the fantastic Game Lounge Long Board, of course! Manufactured by Denver's Kota Longboards, our beautifully-designed skateboard is longing for your feet. Skate or die!

Colorado Ski Chair
colorado ski chair

Thanks to Colorado Ski Chairs, you can save $$ by getting your Colorado Ski Chair through our crowdfunding campaign! These cool and unique chairs are made from, of course, skis! They are the perfect outdoor chair for all Colorado lovers. "Hand painted, strong, durable, comfortable beautiful and totally Coloradical!"

Build a Bamboo Bike
build bamboo bike

Build a ride-able work of art! We are excited to have teamed up with CCBikes, the leaders of bamboo bike workshops globally, located right in Lakewood. Bamboo is beautiful, shapable, sustainable and has qualities stronger than aluminum. An awesome bike that you build. So cool, right!?